Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sun, Sea, Jazz and Japanese Food

It's been a little while since we blogged as we hadn't got many photos of Salvador, we were too scared to take the camera to the beach! Anyway, turns out it was ok, as loads of brazilians seemed to have way more flashy objects than us. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera when it was the most amazing sunset i've ever seen last wednesday, but it was still pretty good anyway on Saturday...

We also went to the Modern Art Museum again on Saturday night to see some live and improvised jazz. It was really nice, and you didn't have to like jazz to much to enjoy the evening.

Afterwards we were invited to Eduardo's parents ( one of Rodan's friends) house to eat Japanese food! Apparently japanese food is very en vogue here in Salvador, all the upper classes go mad for it! His mum had prepared this massive spread with a big pan in the middle, and she just cooked everything there and then - there was no sushi, but we had meat, tofu, loads of yummy green veg and rice and noodles. I definitely want to get one of those pans when we get back to the UK! We also had wine to drink which was a novelty as well. We've just been drinking beer, i feel like i'm getting a beer belly ( and this is fia, so you can imagine tone....ha!) But they have it super cold here and it's always so good, it's hard not to want an ice cold beer on hard days lazing on the beach all day....

Ok sorry...i'll just get on to the photos now...
Foot Volley on the Beach

A lovely sunset


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