Sunday, 13 June 2010

Off to Salvador tomorrow

We're off to Salvador tomorrow. It turns out we're spending roughly 70 quid more on a 27 hour bus journey than a 2 hour flight... not so good.

Last night we went for a meal in a quiet restaurant and ended up being coaxed into dancing the "forra" by a guy who is best described as the Brasilian equivalent to the Isle of Wight's Gary "not loud" - with a newly-wed couple... Jokes.

Slightly sad to leave Saquarema, except that we were the only people in the hostel for 2 nights and then when a couple of other people finally came to stay I'd stood in dog poo and walk it all through the hostel covering two pairs of sandals and was desperately scrubbing the stinky floors as they walk in - great first impression. Luckily they were sound.

Hopefully we'll be able to sleep most of the journey tomorrow, going to stay up as long as possible with our newly discovered friend "Skaroff" Vodka (R$5 a litre, roughly 2 quid).

Will upload more photos as soon as we discover a computer with more memory than a Casio calculator.

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