Monday, 28 June 2010



We´ve been in Itacare for about 5 days now... something like that, it´s hard to keep track when life moves at such a chilled pace! So many people come here for a few days and stay months or even years and it´s easy to see why.

A typical day consists of waking up and going for a surf, usually in the sun although it absolutely p*ssed it down today and the day before, getting out to grab a coconut, going back to the Pousada (Guest House) and climbing into a hammock, then either another surf or ice cold beer and the odd street party here and there.

The street parties are massive, all ages are out from young kids to the elderly and this is at midnight to 6am kind of time! They love it, lots of dancing (strictly ´Forro´ only!), lots of smiling, haven´t felt unsafe or unwelcome once, although dozens of Brazilian men have tried to steal Fia away! It´s been pretty light hearted though.

Fia´s been taking surf lessons and is doing really well, we´ve both hired boards and surf at least once a day which is cool. I´m especially happy Fia is enjoying it as it means I get to go more often! And, it´s nice to get some exercise after all the meat we´ve been eating...

Itacare is probably the best aplace we´ve been to so far. The only thing that´s not brilliant about here are the Mosquitos, I´ve been bitten 5 times while writing this - bloody bastards I hate them.

DSC_0385 by you.

Walk to the beach

DSC_0405 by you.

One of 8 beaches within walking distance away...

coco-face by you.

Coco - nut

DSC_0422 by you.

Moony beach

DSC_4806 by you.
Surfing at Rebiera beach (not the best surf we´ve had, it´s been a lot better than this generally)

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