Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The here and now

We made it to Salvador after a 30 hour bus journey! That's 4 hours longer than it was supposed to take and after 26 hours on the bus you can imagine how the news went down...

We're not quite sure how we managed to be late, because the bus went about 100 mph most of the way, over taking three lorries at a time and occassionally having to slam on the brakes to avoid the oncoming traffic.

The bus was quite comfy and they played DVDs to keep us entertained... all in Portuguese with Portuguese subtitlee...except Dr Dolittle 3!!!! Which of course wasn't worth watching.

Staying with Rodan at the mo (Fia's sister's boyfriend for those who don't know) which is really cool and very kind of him. It's nice seeing Salvador from a local's point of view. On the first night we ate a fat Argentinian steak with lots of Bahian sides - Mandioc mash was particularly good.

Yesterday we went to Praia Do Forte (Fort Beach) which is a turtle nesting ground, didn't see any turtles but soaked up the sun surrounded by palm tress and lay around in natural pools in between the coral that makes up the reef. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

Oh and had a Moqueca (again) this time with lobster, some strange red tropical fish, and fresh shrimp... caught that day. Yum.

And we watched the Brazilians go mental when they beat N.Korea. They basically throw a massive party for EVERY GAME.

Trying to work out what to do next.

Still gradually uploading Rio photos but we were so tigger happy to begin with we have hundreds left! Here are a few from Bahia (Salvador is in the state of Bahia by the way).

Local surfers...


And the beach, Praia Do Forte

Big love to you all xxx

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