Saturday, 31 July 2010

Some seriously slow internet...


We have been absent for a blog for quite a while as the internet is so bloody slow here! I am currently on a dial up connection, the likes of which we haven't seen since about 1997 in the hence we haven`t been able to upload any photos or anything for about 2 weeks. Tony tried to last night but spent an hour on here and it didn`t even upload 1 photo!

We have been in a small town called Samaipata for the last week, mostly chilling out (no change there), but have also done a couple of pretty cool hikes through the hills around the place. It's really nice, set between the start of the Andes and the Amazon basin and it's not too cold here yet either...we`ve heard it`s minus 15 at night on the salt flats which i am NOT looking forward to.

So we can`t show you any photos for the moment, but they are for the best part images of the amazing scenery around here, and also our failed attempt at taking photos of Condors in flight (this area is renound for it Condors, and yesterday we went on a long hike to go and view them - i won´t say too much though otherwise Tone will get annoyed at me cos then we won`t have anything to say when we post the photos haha!)

We`re going to be heading to Sucre on Sunday night on a night bus which should take about 15 hours, but *may* take up to 25....also they confirmed to us today that there are NO TOILETS on the bus. So I expect to arrive in Sucre dehydrated and hungry...

Hope all is well in the UK or wherever, big love xxxxx

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