Thursday, 15 July 2010

Foz do Iguaçu - The Argentinian side... even more amazing!

Yesterday we hopped across the border to Argentina for the day... sounds ridiculous but it was that easy. We thought the Brazilian side was the most amazing thing we ever saw but actually this bettered it. We got really close to the falls and saw just how much water there is and how powerful they are (these pictures don´t begin to do it justice even though they are quite incredible), we took a boat trip right up to the falls, to the point where we were right in the spray and couldn´t see anything because we were taking the biggest shower of our lives, needless to say we were absolutely soaked - luckily we came armed with a spare set of clothes!

We walked all along the top of the falls and got to the very beginning where a massive pool of water suddenly drops through what looks like the world opening up and then crashes down all of the other smaller (but still massive) waterfalls that we saw from Brazil. This was called the ´Garganta del Diablo´, meaning Devil´s throat.

We saw a wild Toucan too which was pretty cool, but unfortunately we were running back to the bus so didn´t have time to get a picture. Here are some more ridiculously cool photos of some of the things we saw...
The bridge across the border (the Iguassu river) painted half in brazilian colours and half Argentinian colours.

One of the lower sets of falls were we got the boat, and the shower. You can see the boat in front of the spary in this pic, it disappears right into it but obviously taking a picture from the boat at that point would be plain stupid.

Us in the boat

We went right into the spray at the falls too, these were further round from the others. The boat trip was awesome!

Rays breaking through the spray at the edge of Garganta del Diablo

Me being a nob at the edge of Garganta del Diablo

An idea of how much water crashes over the Garganta del Diablo. Immense!!!

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