Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Curitiba - The South of Brazil

We are in Curitiba at the moment, we arrived last Friday. We´re staying with some distant family of mine (my grandad´s sister´s daughter!). The weather has been absolutely amazing here! Apparently this is quite unusual, but it´s been perfect for going out and taking lots of photos of the city.

Curitiba feels totally different to the rest of brazil we´ve seen. I already knew the city, but even Tony says it´s like a different Brazil. We don´t feel so out of place here as the city is mostly made up of German, Italian and Polish immigrants. So basically, it´s a lot whiter.

We went to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, which apparently is the biggest museum of it´s kind in the whole of South America! Well, that´s what the Tourist Bus said...

We´ve also had our first decent cup of tea (Earl Grey) and hot showers here, so we´re going to make the most of that before we head on to Bolivia and forget what having hot water is like.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

The Kettle - Curitiba

The Kettle - A traditional tea room where Tony had a scone!

Classic Porsche

The Hippie Market and the Classic Cars show


After the hippie market, Ygor took us to the German Bar called Bar do Alemão - there we ate a lot of Bratwurst, cabbage and potatoes, and drank a lot of beer and this things above called ´submarines´. These are beers with a little shot of Steinhaeger in another cup in the glass! They are genius, and you get to keep the cup! On the bottom of the cup it says ´this cup was robbed in an honest way´- apparently it used to be forbidden to take the cups, but people used to do it anyway because you can´t not, they´re amazing souvenirs! So they just made it so you could. It tastes fine, just like a really strong beer....Tony had about 6!

Ygor and Julia
This is my family - Julia and her son Ygor

There´s still loads to write about here, but i´ll have to leave that for another post. Tomorrow we´re getting up early to take a scenic train ride from here to Morretes...Having just written that it sounds like we´re about 60 years old, but apparently it´s the thing to do here! There aren´t many trains!


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